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Saint Michael

+On the border of Balatongyörök and Vonyarcvashegy on a dolomite hill you can admire St. Michael’s Hill and the chapel. People of Lake Balaton must have admired the hill between the two settlements several times which stands out from afar and attracts the eye both on water and on land. The 136-meter-high attraction, together with the chapel built on it, can also be seen from the Keszthely Bay. Today the only fishing chapel in Hungary stands on this hill.


History and basics

+St. Michael was God’s angel. He walked with dead people’s soul to Heaven. Also he saved the nations of evil. Nowadays St. Michael is still a well known person in the Christian’s life.

+The Romans who were once present in the area built a watchtower here, but the castle of Györök may have stood here in the 1560s. The castle was later almost completely destroyed and by 1662 a chapel stood here.


The Legend

+In the winter of 1729, 46 fishermen worked on the ice of the lake when an ice floe with fishermen on it detached. Six fishermen died instantly and the rest were alive but it was very dangerous. Suddenly the wind turned and the ice sheet was swept ashore by the wind.

+After their escape the fishermen vowed to build a chapel on the hilltop.


Younger History

+In the 1860s the chapel underwent reconstruction. The building was built with an octagonal low tower and a semicircular sanctuary. But it was almost completely destroyed again.

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